Ruairidh Macleod

Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge

The Cross Trust helped make it possible for me to pursue my fascination with human evolution and history, a literal interpretation of Sir Alexander Cross' motto "to extend the boundaries of knowledge of human life". Without Cross Trust funding I am uncertain whether I would have been able to study at Cambridge, but I have been able to focus on what I am most interested in and feel very lucky to have the Trust's understanding and support. Much of my personal research is in the internal structure of bone through X-ray microCT scanning, a very data-intensive process, so I benefited hugely when The Cross Trust also decided to award me a specific grant to get a computer capable of handling the computational demands of this analysis! Ruairidh Macleod is also Research Assistant Baikal Archaeology Project (BAP) and you can find more details here. Ruairidh Macleod has also recently published an article in The Royal Society Biology Letters Journal and you can read more details on our 'Latest News' page.