Beth Hadshar

Medicine, Newcastle University

The Cross Trust has allowed me to give my time and energies wholeheartedly to my medical degree. Entering the course as a Sculpture graduate was a steep learning curve, but I soon found that the greatest education took place outside of the library and lecture theatres. Placements as varied as Palliative Care and Paediatric A&E have given me a window into lives and experiences far beyond my own and confirmed my love of clinical practice. I am still struck on a daily basis by the strength, generosity and resilience I am lucky enough to witness in my clinical encounters and have found that I learn as much from patients as I do from colleagues.

I truly appreciate The Cross Trust’s consistent support in this experience, allowing me to seize each learning opportunity without the distraction of financial worries. Studying medicine has been a journey in both personal and professional growth, and I am sure that my time at university is just the beginning.