Winner of the Cross Trust Young Director Award

The Cross Trust Young Director Award was created to provide an emerging Scotland-based director the opportunity to stage a fully supported show at Perth Theatre.

Shilpa was a recent graduate with an MA in Classical and Contemporary Text at the Royal Conservatoire Scotland. She is a board member for Stellar Quines and is co-founder of the company Modest Predicament. Previously Shilpa has worked as trainee director for the National Theatre of Scotland on the production of 306: Day and NTS/the TEAM at Edinburgh International Festival on the production of Anything that Gives off Light.

On receiving the award Shilpa said:

“I am delighted to be receiving The Cross Trust Young Director Award to direct Zinne Harris’ Miss Julie at Perth Theatre, a fantastic adaptation which really resonates for me with contemporary issues of intersectional conversation and the moments where we fail to reach each other. The award will allow me to expand my directing practise in a supported and challenging environment which I have no doubt will form an indispensable part of my learning as a director. I couldn't be more thrilled!”

Dougal Phillip, Chairman of the Cross Trust, said:

"We are delighted to encourage young directors in a sphere of the Arts which has been continuously supported by the Trust and in our 75th Anniversary to provide support for someone to train and direct in Perth Theatre with which the Trust has had a particular interest since its inception”

Shilpa chose to direct Zinnie Harris’ adaption of Strindberg’s Miss Julie at Perth Theatre’s Joan Knight Studio. Read more about Miss Julie at