A helpful list of regularly asked questions to help apply for funding from the Cross Trust

Can I apply even if it is not a University Course?


Is it important being of Scottish Birth or Parentage?

Sir Alexander made it a stipulation of the Trust that all beneficiaries be of Scottish birth or parentage.

Can I send my application in without the reference and the referee send it separately when completed?

Your application form should be completed and sent to your referee - he or she will then complete your reference and acknowledge the validity of your application before submitting both forms to the Secretaries of the Cross Trust.

Do I need to acknowledge my parents income as they do not wish others to know what they are earning?

Yes. All information in your application form is treated in confidence by the trustees. Understanding your family income does help the Trustees to understand your full circumstances and helps ensure that you offer the most complete picture to allow the most considered decision.

Do I need to send a hard copy of my application in the post?

No. Your form may be submitted electronically but it should first be sent or given to your chosen referee (or referees). Your application will be returned if it is received by us without a suitable reference.

Is there a deadline for sending in my 1st report?

Your first report should be sent at the end of your first term or once the project/activity/purpose for the award has been completed.

What information should be contained in my report?

The report is your opportunity to let the Trustees know how their support has helped your development and progress. Your report is also an opportunity for you to highlight any activities you are going to be involved in and for which the Trustees may be able to help publicise your work.

Can I apply again?


How long should I wait before I apply again?

You should not apply more than once in 12 months.

Can Organisations apply for funding?

At the moment we are open to applications from individuals only.