Referee's Reference Form

How to add references to your application

The Trustees require that applications be accompanied by at least one confidential reference.

The referee should have current knowledge of the applicant's aptitude for the course/project for which the application is made i.e. in relation to academic courses should be an academic reference (e.g. lecturer, adviser of studies).

For other categories of applications (e.g.John Fife Award) a referee may be e.g. employer or supervisor.

To ensure that referees are familiar with The Cross Trust Guidance Notes and the information in the Application Form, applicants should complete the form and thereafter TAKE OR SEND IT WITH THESE NOTES to the selected referee(s).

He or she will then be in a position to give a reference, which will be confidential to the Trust, and the referee should be asked to forward it, together with the application itself, to the Secretaries.

If you wish to send a hard/paper copy applicants should provide the referee with a stamped envelope addressed to the Trust for this purpose. Applicants are always notified as soon as possible after decisions are made.

Please find the electronic references form here: Reference Forms