Guidance Notes

(A) Trust Purposes

The Trust was established by Sir Alexander Cross to carry out his wish to provide opportunities for young men and women of SCOTTISH BIRTH OR PARENTAGE to extend the boundaries of their knowledge of human life. This expression of intent is interpreted along with other documents set out by Sir Alexander, and in the light of personal knowledge of his wishes. If the applicant was not born in Scotland and also neither of the applicant’s parents was born in Scotland, then the application will not be considered. Only applicants under 30 years old should apply.

(B) Specific Purposes For Which Awards May Be Made

1. University and College Courses

Other projects and studies

Projects and studies which do not form part of a University or College Degree. Support for a project or expedition in which an individual proposes to take part may be considered.

An application should be accompanied by specific evidence of efforts which have been made and which are proposed by the applicant to secure funding from other sources. In all cases, the Trustees are bound to consider all the circumstances and make awards on

Accordingly full information of financial circumstances is required including details of applications which have been made to other organisations and Trusts and also, where relevant, of Local Education Authority Awards, Career Development loans and Student loans. Applicants are expected to take advantage of the maximum amounts of Career Development Loans or Student Loans available to them.

Making Your Application

You can obtain an electronic application form by clicking here or by contacting the Secretaries:

The Secretaries The Cross Trust
Messrs McCash & Hunter
25 South Methven St

Telephone: 01738 620451

E-mail: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

If your application has to be returned to you for proper

completion this is not a desirable start!

Please therefore note particularly:

(1) Financial Circumstances

The final section of the form MUST be completed for ALL applications. It should be completed by a parent or guardian if the applicant is financially dependent. Applicants will not normally be regarded as independent of parental support until they are aged 25 or over unless there are special circumstances. If you consider that special circumstances apply then they must be clearly stated. If you are financially dependent, after you have signed the form it should be given to a parent or guardian with the request that after completion and signature it should be sent or passed to your chosen referee along with the attached reference form.

(2) Passport Photo

You MUST attach/upload a passport photo since your referee will be requested to confirm your identity. Also you may be requested to meet one of the Trustees and the photo will assist identification. (If you do have to travel to a meeting a Trustee costs of travel will be met by the Trust).

(3) Reference

Your application MUST be sent together with your academic reference and if you wish one additional supporting reference. Your application will be returned if it is received by us without a suitable reference. The referee should have current knowledge of the applicant's aptitude for the course/project for which the application is made i.e. in relation to academic courses should be an academic reference (e.g. lecturer, adviser of studies). For other categories of applications (e.g.John Fife Award) a referee may be e.g. employer or supervisor.

To ensure that referees are familiar with The Cross Trust Guidance Notes and the information in the Application Form, you should complete the form and thereafter TAKE OR SEND IT WITH THESE NOTES to the selected referee(s). He or she will then be in a position to give a reference, which will be confidential to the Trust, and the referee should be asked to forward it, together with the application itself, to the Secretaries. You should provide the referee with a stamped envelope addressed to the Trust for this purpose. Applicants are always notified as soon as possible after decisions are made.