Organisation application - Step 2: Format
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Format of Application

Applications to the Trust should be completed on not more than two A4 sheets, and if printed should have an easy to read size of font/print.  The application should include the information requested in the details shown below, and in the order shown below.  Further information may be provided in other format (e.g. brochure or policy statement) but the information requested below must be contained within the initial two A4 sheets.

The information which should be included within the main application is as follows:-

  1. Confirmation that the Organisation has charitable status, with the charity number.

  2. a)   Has your Organisation applied to this Trust before?
    b)   If so, state the date of the most recent application.
    c)   What was the purpose of that application?
    d)   Was that application successful?
    e)   If so, the amount of the award.

  3. Purpose of present application.

  4. Any final date by which a decision regarding the application requires to be made.

  5. Budget for the proposed project.

  6. If the project is eligible for funding from public bodies, including Lottery Boards, give details of applications made.

  7. Results of applications so far made to other Organisations, including any relevant conditional promises of awards.

  8. To what Organisations have applications for funding been made (and for which the results are still awaited)?

  9. What amounts does your Organisation anticipate that it will commit to the project.
    a) from current funds.
    b) from any proposed funding efforts.

  10. A copy of your Organisation's most recently completed accounts.


Please note that the Trustees will consider applications from Organisations twice a year (March & September).  Applications are not normally acknowledged but decisions are notified as soon as possible after a Trustees' Meeting has been held.