Individual Application: Course Awards

University and College Courses

a) First Degree Courses including Courses at Musical Schools/Colleges and at Art Colleges.

Support of full time academic or vocational study will require the applicant to demonstrate outstanding merit in his or her school qualifications and/or current studies and that he or she is taking full advantage of Local Education Authority support, Student Loans etc. (see Financial Support section).

b) Second First Degree Courses

Support for such courses will only be considered in very limited circumstances, for example, if an applicant's qualifications at the outset of the first degree course were insufficient to be eligible for the proposed second degree course. All such applications must demonstrate clearly that the applicant is of outstanding merit and that the proposed studies will enable the applicant to fulfil vocational ambitions which have been nurtured during the first degree studies.

c) Postgraduate Studies

Awards for Postgraduate studies are not normally made and are only made if there are particular and unusual aspects which make support appropriate.  In any event any application form should be accompanied by evidence of financial support from another organisation, such as a Research Council, which provides evidence of the suitability of the applicant for the proposed studies.  A Career Development Loan may be more appropriate.

If you are considering submitting an application under this category, please read our detailed requirements regarding various financial factors and references before completing the application form on the how to apply page.