Contacting the Trust

When and How to Contact Us

All administrative matters are handled by McCash & Hunter LLP, to whom applications should be sent.

If you fulfil the Principal Criteria and wish an Application Form please contact:-

The Secretaries of The Cross Trust,
McCash & Hunter LLP,
25 South Methven Street,

tel: 01738 620451
fax: 01738 631155

Please note the following dates for submissions of applications:

(In exceptional circumstances, applications may be considered between meetings but an early decision cannot be expected).

Notification after Application

It may be up to three months before a final decision is made (depending upon the timing of your application).  Please do not contact the Secretaries unnecessarily during that period.  Each applicant will be notified once a final decision has been made.  Please note that you may be asked for additional information before a final decision is reached, or you may be told your award is conditional (with the conditions being notified to you).

Please DO contact the office if:-

  • your address, telephone number or email address change;
  • you decide not to proceed with the course or project to which your application related;
  • you have received funds or there have been other changes which affect the details of your application